Monday, February 19, 2007

Bomb Shelters and Candle Light

(No new photos, so here's a blast from the past--Andy on his baptism day)

If you ever thought giving a law of chastity lesson couldn't be more awkward, try teaching it with a 40 year old woman in the candle light. And then do it 2 weeks later when she asks about EVERYTHING, again in candle light again (don’t you hate it when the power goes off once a day on average). This is why I know God has a sense of humor.

That was quite possibly the worst letter I have received, for not only was it short (and not two letters as is the min. requirement) but it just alluded to a few things, none of which I know anything about, and just ended. What is going on? Remember, the only news I get is from you people so don’t assume I know anything. I can’t tell if you were super depressed when you wrote that and just trailed off because... I don’t know what you are talking about. Reread that last letter and explain what has been happening and don’t allude, because it is rude. And where is that other letter?

Well, it was cool to see that Berkeley does some of the same things we do in Romania, like teach English. We are still far behind the achievements of mankind, like typing up a lesson or making handouts for homework, but we do have a white board and dry erase markers, so that’s cool (but as I have found out thus far, there are only a handful of stores that have the dumb markers. Would you believe the closest place to buy one is over 45 min. away?). We are still not recognized as an "official church" here so we can’t have stands on the streets (but they can in Moldova now). We have no problems with the government or anything, and no law officer contends with our right to be here, but they did make us put a bomb shelter in the church because... I don’t know why, but it is pretty cool. The whole point of writing that was to brag that our church has a bomb shelter, and yours doesn’t. And I saw the bomb shelter, and the bomb shelter looked at me...

Church is getting better and better here. The people are starting to understand what it means to serve, but there are still many problems. A senior couple is leaving this week, and they spoke in church and gave the best hellfire and damnation talk I have ever heard. It always loses something when someone has to translate on the spot, but they basically said that the people have to stay for all the meetings and actually care about one another. Sometimes we have the elders quorum pres. and 4 missionaries and maybe one other in priesthood. Though if I go anywhere else in the country I will be happy to get that. There are over 2000 members in Romania, and only 400 are considered active (meaning they come to sac. 2/3 times). Less active member work has really hit me lately and a problem is that no one here home/visit teaches and a lot of time people say "I missed for 3 months and no one even noticed I was gone." and that somehow gives them a place in the Celestial Kingdom. But the members are starting to help us more. When I first got here, we tried to at least get 5 member present lessons a week, and the closest we get was 3. Now we can get at least that.

But things are going good. I am doing the only thing I should be doing and being blessed for it. Thanks for all your prayers and support, but I am off to Ruby Tuesdays (you think they would have a different restaurant here, and yet they have two, and nothing else. I so wish they had hard rock cafe... so I could not go to it as a missionary)

Love you lots. Bye for now, and please ask questions cause I hate talking about what I did unless provoked.

Elder Magleby

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Tim said...

AAAAAGHHH!!!! I can't believe you have this picture! (I can't believe I had HAIR like that!)